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Defense & Homeland Protection Jobs

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3Vesta is currently seeking cleared IT professionals to support a vital mission for homeland protection of the United States.

We are looking for IT candidates on a quest for rewarding and challenging work. Join our team of high achievers and make a difference while you earn good pay and enjoy excellent benefits and perks. Military Veterans: we value your skill sets and encourage you to apply.

  • Administrative Specialist – JOB# EM3V38
  • Applications Developer – JOB# EM3V39
  • Applications Systems Analyst – JOB# EM3V40
  • Business Case Specialist – JOB# EM3V41
  • Business Process Analyst – JOB# EM3V42
  • Configuration Management Specialist – JOB# EM3V43
  • Data Architect – JOB# EM3V44
  • Database Specialist – JOB# EM3V45
  • Enterprise Architect – JOB# EM3V46
  • Exchange Specialist (Info Specialist) – JOB# EM3V3847
  • Financial Analyst – JOB# EM3V48
  • Functional Analyst – JOB# EM3V49
  • Modeling and Simulation Specialist – JOB# EM3V50
  • Program Manager – JOB# EM3V51
  • Project Manager – JOB# EM3V52
  • Quality Assurance Specialist – JOB# EM3V53
  • Research Analyst – JOB# EM3V54
  • Solutions Architect – JOB# EM3V55
  • IT Subject Matter Expert – JOB# EM3V56
  • Systems Engineer – JOB# EM3V57
  • Systems Analyst – JOB# EM3V58
  • Training Developer – JOB# EM3V61
  • Web Content Analyst – JOB# EM3V62

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508 Compliance

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3Vesta certifies that in accordance with 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended (29 U.S.C. 794(d), FAR 39.2, and the Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board Electronic and Information Technology (EIT) Accessibility Standards (36 CFR 1194) General Services Administration (GSA), that all IT hardware/software/services are 508 compliant. The EIT standard can be found at: www.Section508.gov. This website is 508 compliant. Omissions should be sent to Info@3Vesta.com.

Real-Time Data Apps Improve Rider Experience

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Real-Time Data Apps Improve Rider Experience

Greater Richmond Transit Company (GRTC)
Mobile Applications, Software Development

Customer Mission:

GRTC’s mission is to provide clean, safe, and reliable transportation and to improve mobility and access throughout Central Virginia. The City of Richmond and Chesterfield County, joint owners of the GRTC, offer local bus service, commuter express service, specialized transportation services, and ride share programs. Through these programs, GRTC strives to continually improve the rider’s experience by developing initiatives that serve rider needs.

The Challenge:

GRTC operates a fleet of 160 vehicles across 40 routes. To add value to the passenger experience, it wanted to provide real-time transit information and updates for riders via mobile applications. The organization required that the mobile apps be interactive, allowing riders to submit customer feedback and directly contact the GRTC via the app.

Alesig's Solution:

GRTC engaged Alesig to develop two transit mobile applications. RideFinders provides access to ride sharing and other eco-friendly, cost efficient commuting alternatives. The GRTC Transit On the Go app provides real-time bus service information including arrival times and stop locations using GPS technology and Google or Apple Maps.

Since the organization is focused on continually improving the rider experience, Alesig recommended integrating background analytics that would enable the GRTC to identify how riders use the transit system including routes, stops, and other services. Alesig also recommended a customer rewards program linked to the analytic data capture. The basis of the program would reward riders for using its mobile apps, thus enabling a robust data capture. Following GRTC approval of our recommendations. Alesig designed and integrated the background analytics, which drives the rewards program, within the original parameters of the contract.

This data capture enables the GRTC to effectively plan future business initiatives, conduct market research, and improve passenger experience. Additionally, using an application interface program (API), the app allows the GRTC to push prediction data, alerts, and service bulletins to users.


  • Eco-friendly alternatives, resulting in reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Decreased customer service center dependency, resulting in operational cost savings
  • Improved customer loyalty and ridership, resulting in increased revenue
  • Accurate rider data, critical to developing customer-focused programs
  • Improved route planning to avoid traffic gridlocks, resulting in cost savings for fuel and reduced emissions

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