Automation Tool Streamlines Development

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Automation Tool Streamlines Development

Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
Configuration Management, Software Development

Customer Mission:

HUD’s mission is to ensure that the American public has access to safe and affordable housing and to promote the growth of vibrant communities across our nation. The Agency is responsible for operating multiple programs that oversee and manage applications, loans, safety standards, reporting, and regulatory compliance. HUD’s programs rely on software applications and information sharing intra-Agency and with other Federal Agencies. Its technologies enable HUD to ensure timely and accurate financial transactions, case processing, and reporting.

The Challenge:

Due to the large number of disparate systems and more than 12 development contractors, HUD faced challenges in responding quickly to customer needs, housing market conditions, and Congressional regulatory changes. Major updates to the software applications and databases could only take place twice a year. This infrequent software release cycle hindered HUD’s business programs and business offices in making timely decisions, in assessing the effectiveness of Agency initiatives, and in responsively supporting its customers nationwide. The Agency required a solution to standardize the development process, align the activities of all contractors, and support more frequent software releases, as often as 12 times per year.

Powertek's Solution:

Powertek recognized the criticality of HUD’s mission and the schedule challenges it faced for software updates. We developed a methodology to streamline the update process, provide consistency across subsystems, and add value to the customer. We designed and created CADRE, our solution to HUD’s challenge. CADRE is a Powertek proprietary tool developed in our engineering laboratory that automates testing, reduces the test cycles for new software and hardware technologies, and eliminates manual operations. CADRE aligns the various development teams by providing consistency across all subsystems. Fully automated, CADRE runs unattended 24/7/365 to provide steady-state operation, eliminating errors, enabling build and deployment rollouts in half the time, and providing a standardized process for change management. Since CADRE runs unattended, Powertek was able to repurpose software developers to accomplish other tasks, allowing us to achieve more for HUD within the program’s original budget.


  • 50% reduction in builds and deployments enabling expedited rollouts of new technologies
  • 100% increased productivity of software development teams, allowing the Government to get more done within the defined budget
  • 50% reduced production time, resulting in a significant cost savings to the Government
  • 100% error-free builds and deployments, leading to increased end-user satisfaction