Timing Incompatibility with Wireless Connectivity Issues Resolved through New Interface

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New Interface Resolves Timing Incompatibility with Wireless Connectivity

Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA)
Network Engineering, Information Security

Customer Mission:

In the wake of the 2008 housing mortgage financial crisis, the Federal Government established the FHFA to consolidate and centralize regulatory authority over Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the Federal Home Loan Banks. The Agency oversees the management of more than $5.5 trillion in mortgage-backed securities and debt. FHFA oversight directly and indirectly impacts the welfare of virtually all American homeowners and investors.

The Challenge:

FHFA staff travel frequently to conduct audits, inspections, and investigations to ensure the effectiveness of the regulations and the continued stability of the housing mortgage market. While traveling, they depend on tablets and other mobile devices for communications and access to applications, email, and real-time data from the Agency’s back office systems. This mobile access provides real-time situational awareness, critical in detecting early warning signs of possible non-compliance or fraud. After a recent technology refresh initiative, which included new tablet computers, many users experienced email synchronization issues when connecting through one specific wireless carrier. This lack of access critically jeopardized the FHFA’s mission.

Powertek's Solution:

FHFA worked with the mobile carrier’s technicians for several weeks without success. FHFA’s management staff tasked Powertek to evaluate the enigma and develop a solution that would allow staff to access the network from mobile devices while traveling. Following our ISO 9001-based Quality Management best practices, Powertek formed a tiger team of networking and telecommunications experts knowledgeable in Office 365 and mobile technologies to investigate the root cause. Our team quickly recreated the failure scenario, tracing the cause to an erratic timing incompatibility between the carrier network signaling and the tablets’ wireless interface. Powertek engineers developed a workaround procedure that helped remove the timing variability and ensure reliable wireless connections for FHFA users.


  • Timely delivery of emails and notifications to traveling staff
  • Connectivity ability via tablets to enable access to the Agency’s back office systems
  • Increased productivity for traveling staff through new wireless interface
  • Ability for FHFA auditors and inspectors to detect early warning signs of non-compliance or fraud