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3Vesta offers career opportunities through the leadership of
Alesig + Powertek.

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Homeland Security

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Collaborating on Security Solutions

Synergies between our Defense and Homeland Security customers allow us to transfer the most vigorous solutions and apply them across Homeland Security for a united defense on all fronts.

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3Vesta proudly supports the Government in its efforts to provide a homeland that is durable, safe, and secure against terrorism, criminal exploitation, and other hazardous activity. 3Vesta’s leadership drives a culture of service and contribution toward the safety and resiliency of our nation's Government and its citizens.

The seasoned leadership and technical personnel at 3Vesta bring the requisite experience and institutional knowledge needed to join DHS in safeguarding and enhancing its technology eco-system. We collaborate with DHS IT experts to achieve the Department’s mission to enable a secure, resilient, interoperable environment, unifying the agency and its partners.

3Vesta helps transform Federal Governments’ IT environments by enhancing end user capabilities and providing access to data and services anytime, anywhere, and practically on any device. Additionally, we provide continuous business process improvement that enables transparent, data-driven decisions and rapid delivery of high-quality IT capabilities.

With myriad threats to the homeland, 3Vesta brings capabilities to:

  • Increase collaborative tools and practices for the sharing of intelligence and other information to better understand current and emerging threats
  • Provide detection, identification, and verification information technology and services to mature border security and management efforts
  • Create user-friendly systems to assist with effective administration of the immigration services system
  • Enhance application, system, and network security to provide a safe and secure cyberspace
  • Perform COOP and DR assessment and planning to enhance national preparedness and resilience to natural disasters

Enabling Efficiency through the EAGLE II Contracting Vehicle

Customers may obtain our services through the EAGLE II IDIQ vehicle.


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Contract: HSHQDC-13-D-E2061
DHS Enterprise Acquisition Gateway for Leading Edge Solutions II (EAGLE II)
Functional Category 1, Other Small Business
Type: Indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract
User Agencies: Department of Homeland Security
Expiration: 9/4/2020
Scope: System Design, Development, Implementation, and Integration
Software Design and Development
Operation and Maintenance
3Vesta’s DUNS Number: 079293567
Task Orders: None to date. As we receive EAGLE II task orders, we will list them here and they will also be listed on the DHS website.
EAGLE II Contract Website:
Experience Servicing DHS: 3Vesta is new to DHS. However, 3Vesta member, Powertek Corporation, holds a Prime contract with:
DHS, USCIS – Enterprise Architecture and Governance Planning (ESGP) awarded June 26, 2013
Current Subcontractors: At this time, 3Vesta has no subcontractors under DHS EAGLE II. However, 3Vesta has acquired a division of Tangible Security. As such, it now holds the former Tangible DHS EAGLE II FC1 Other Small Business contracting vehicle.
3Vesta's EAGLE II Points of Contact
Program Manager: Lee Canterbury
VP, Business Development, Homeland Security and Justice
M: 703.966.5868 | Fax: 301.795.0430
Teaming Coordinator: Si Thu
Tel: 301.795.0400 x743 | Fax: 301.795.0430
Contracts: Michelle Roenick
Director of Contracts
Tel: 301.795.0412 | Fax: 301.795.0430
Customer Satisfaction: Samar Ghadry
Executive Vice President
Tel: 301.795.0405 | Fax: 301.795.0430
3Vesta Quality Assurance Program

3Vesta is committed to preventing and removing quality problems. To achieve this, we have invested in developing and implementing a Quality Control Program (QCP) consistent with industry best practices. Our quality processes have achieved the ISO 9001:2008 certification, the ISO 20000 certification and have been appraised at the CMMI-DEV Maturity Level (ML) 3. Under the ISO and CMMI standards, we maintain a process asset library (PAL) that contains our standard organizational processes for project planning, project management, service delivery, engineering and support. These processes are tailored to the EAGLE II contract and task orders execute along the following cycle:

  • Plan for Quality – by documenting a quality control plan (QCP) that describes the processes and performance metrics.
  • Establish a Quality Assurance (QA) Framework – by customizing the verification processes to be relevant for the services, and establish an internal audit schedule by status and importance.
  • Perform Quality Control (QC) Activities – by inspecting deliverables, collecting and analyzing metrics, and performing internal audits.
  • Implement Corrective Actions – by documenting corrective actions, performing root cause analysis (RCA), and verifying the effectiveness of resolutions through defined metrics.
  • Employ Continual Improvement – by identifying opportunities for improvement through daily use, analysis of metrics and predictive analytics.

The value of our QCP is the objective measurement of our performance and customer satisfaction. The 3Vesta EAGLE II Quality Control Manager (QCM) reports monthly, as well as supplemental reports when circumstances necessitate. These reports are reviewed by 3Vesta’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), EAGLE II PM, and task order PMs. If we do not meet service level agreements (SLAs), or receive a customer satisfaction score greater than 92%, we undertake corrective action, track it to resolution and verify its effectiveness.


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Advancing our Nation's Defense Capabilities

3Vesta's solutions that support the Warfighter in the cyberspace domain enable fast, reliable, secure enterprise services and data at the user point of need, anytime, anywhere.

DoD Slideshow photos provided by DVIDS

Through our project teams of highly qualified and certified technical experts, 3Vesta brings expertise in mission-based solutions to the Joint Information Environment (JIE). We have a single goal in mind: Assure that our Warfighters have immediate access to critical command, control, communications, computing, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR). Whether fighting in the field or defending the cyberspace front, simplified and unified mobile access to the JIE from anywhere in the world, at any time, on any day requires progressive and elastic technologies.

3Vesta's seasoned technical experts each bring more than five years of Federal IT experience and >70% maintain multiple IT certifications. They have domain knowledge, bringing experience in milCloud monitoring, maintenance, and enhancement solutions; familiarity with JIE-JRSS security architecture tools; and expertise in implementing the latest techniques for Unified Communications. Their knowledge is accentuated through our technology lab, eCenter, which provides the forum to share and brainstorm ideas, and develop feasibility cases for advanced technology systems to meet the Joint Command’s operational needs.

Our technical experts use advanced analytics to address today’s Warfighter challenges, and identify new approaches, such as:

  • Developing and implementing new technologies and a hardware interface with diverse sensors and actuators
  • Evolving techniques to enhance the Warfighter’s mobility and collaboration capabilities
  • Designing and implementing cybersecurity countermeasures to fight nation states, rogue entities, threats, and malicious attacks
  • Developing concepts for self-healing networks
  • Leveraging adaptive CONOPs and special capabilities
  • Conceptualizing the impossible and designing software-defined networks

America needs an enabled Warfighter with secure, real-time access to defend our country and protect our citizens. 3Vesta provides the applications development, secure deployment, integration, and sustainment of advanced technology systems, products, and services that are critical to the Warfighter missions.

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