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3Vesta's leadership team has strong management experience, a powerful vision, and positive energy that encourages ingenuity. They foster a work environment that thrives on personal motivation, collaboration, imagination, and accountability. They are the conduits for sustaining success on our projects, leading meaningful change that makes a difference.

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    Gisela F. Ghani — Managing Partner

    As a Managing Partner of 3Vesta and CEO of Alesig Consulting, Gisela Ghani brings a passion for solving complex business challenges through innovation and commitment to service excellence. With a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Gisela held progressively more responsible roles, including Project Manager and COO, before establishing Alesig.

    Gisela is responsible for the management and operation of the firm’s contract base including financial management, contracts administration, project management, HR, security, and customer care. She excels in bridging business and technology components to drive organizational improvements and implement best practices.

    Gisela brings expertise in introducing new technologies that advance information management services and positively affect an organization’s bottom line. As Program Executive for Alesig’s contracts, she oversees meetings with PMs and customers to review project activities, address any escalated issues, identify and implement value-added services, and ensure achievement of long-term goals.

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    Nancy Scott — Managing Member

    As CEO of Powertek Corporation, Nancy Scott brings depth of leadership and Federal IT experience to her role as Managing Member of 3Vesta.

    Since Powertek’s establishment in 2002, Nancy has built a customer-centric company focused on providing tailored, innovative approaches to IT service solutions for Federal Government customers.

    Today, Powertek is recognized as an industry standout within the IT sector. As an award-winning leader recognized by Smart CEO, Nancy focuses on cultivating a company devoted to professional development, customer satisfaction, and employee success. She works with PMs and customers to ensure that transparency, communication, and collaboration result in achieved milestones and mission goals.

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    Goodwin Ting — President

    Goodwin Ting brings over 25 years of business and technology management experience to his role as President of 3Vesta. He has served in various capacities in both small and large companies, including Sun Microsystems, Eastman Kodak, and Powertek Corporation. He has successfully developed and implemented business strategies centered on technology solutions and services. His involvement has been a driving force in growing business divisions serving U.S. Federal and state government agencies as well as international public sector clients in the defense, public healthcare, social services, law enforcement, and public transportation sectors. He is experienced in aligning program operations and building project teams that optimize value and minimize risks to clients through process improvements and targeted innovations while ensuring financial accountability and returns.

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